About Gåvetorp
Gåvetorp has been in the family since 1882

The well-preserved horse-drawn carriages are reminiscent of the extensive horse breeding at Gåvetorp.

Gåvetorp is an 18th-century manor situated on the shore of
Lake Dansjön. The farm has 100 hectares of farm land grazed
by beef cattle, and 400 hectares of forest.

Gåvetorp's past as the home of landed gentry is evident in many
of the grand buildings, horse-drawn carriages, and the remains
of an English-style park. In light of their cultural and historical
significance, the manor house and many of the farm buildings
are listed.

Horse-drawn carriage.
Gåvetorp Manor Grain store Building hosting the horse-
drawn carriages.
Grapes in the greenhouse.
Gåvetorps gård 1, SE-342 92 Alvesta, +46 (0) 708 448 212, marie@gavetorpsgard.se